Alaskan Bush People” daughter, Rainy Brown is making headlines for herself. Her frequent outings are posted on social media to keep her fans updated while waiting for the still-unconfirmed “ABP” Season 8. She offers her personal narrative on being true to yourself and overcoming teenage struggles. But not everyone is happy about it.

Born Merry Christmas Katherine Raindrop Brown, Rainy is no stranger to criticism and online bashing. Haters and self-proclaimed critics flock to her Instagram account to offer unsolicited advice. Worse, most of these people criticize her diversions while mom Ami is battling with cancer.

The most recent attacks to the youngest “Alaskan Bush People” sibling are aimed to pour scorn at her singing. The star has been posting videos of herself on Instagram (IG account: @heroofkirrkwel). But irate fans can’t keep their feelings to themselves so they feel it is their duty to inform Rainy that her voice sounds off.

She’s not backing down

Most of her followers, who are not against her constant singing, advise her to just ignore haters, and the 14-year-old daughter of Billy and Ami Brown is not backing down. According to her IG video caption posted last Oct. 1, haters and bashers alike shouldn’t be allowed to let anyone down.

She addressed her message to her supporters whom she calls “Rainbows” saying, “I thought it was perfect, everyone always tells me to ignore those that hate me...

But it's actually better to call them out and shut them up never let anyone silence you my beautiful rainbows," she continued.

Channeling her inner Swiftie

The “Alaskan Bush People” daughter made sure she’s having a major clap back with her post. So, she added a new clip of herself singing to Taylor Swift’s “Mean.” Her choice of song evidently shows her persistence to address the hate she’s receiving for being herself and doing things she likes.

Apparently, her choice to sing a Swift song reminds everyone of the same situation the singer experienced and is still experiencing in her career. Standing up against people who hate and not letting them win sends a very strong statement against cyberbullying.

Like icing on the cake, Rainy topped her post with the hashtags #staystrong #stayhappy #singing #hatersgonnahate #taylorswift.

She even tagged @taylorswift in the end.

Ami update

According to a number of reports online, “Alaskan Bush People” mom Ami has been released out of the hospital. However, Discovery Channel has not released any confirmation about the eighth season of “Alaskan Bush People” yet. Insider reports claim that the Brown family has started filming in their new Browntown in Colorado.

Meanwhile, what can you say about Rainy’s response to the hate being thrown at her? Let us know in the comment section below.