The "Alaskan Bush People" family remains intact among rumors and controversies surrounding their legitimacy as nomadic people. The Browns have turned to each other for comfort and support as the matriarch in the family battles cancer.

But on one occasion, one of the siblings, Joshua "Bam Bam” Brown, has decided to keep his privacy for himself and his partner, Allison Kagan. He even made a decision to leave the show February of last year to travel around the country with his girlfriend and their two dogs.

But recently, he made headlines when he returned to the spotlight to be with his mother.

According to sources, the estranged son heard that Ami lost too much weight and this situation has worsened her health. Bam Bam came back to give support to his ailing mother and assistance to his father and siblings in this dilemma.

Loving son to his ailing mother

According to People, Bam said that as soon as he learned that Ami got cancer, his immediate response was to run away. But a stronger emotion stopped him from doing so and picked his car keys and drove to be with his mother in her hospital bed. He also added that his presence would give moral support to everyone in their family.

The “Alaskan Bush People” star’s presence in that vigil for their 54-year-old mom shatters rumors that he has already forgotten his family.

Future away from home

On the other hand, insiders are spreading the news about Bam’s secret wealth and his extra-curricular activities. He’s been accused of being selfish for leaving his family behind. But still, for the majority of “Alaskan Bush People” fans, his choice to live a private life belongs to him alone.

Furthermore, Radar Online reported that Bam has purchased a yacht from Ell And CH Investments back in November 2016 with his girlfriend.

The couple was photographed on the said boat. The said report added that Bam is planning to ferry the boat to The Bahamas for repair.

Other reports say he’s planning to live in that island state. Bam Bam’s love for travel and exploring new things could be the reason why some people choose to believe that he’s really leaving for good.

However, whatever he decides to do with his life in the future is his rightful choice to make.

In two days time, Bam Bam will be celebrating his 33rd birthday. Meanwhile, “Alaskan Bush People’s return for another season remains unclear. Would you love to see the Browns back again and check out their new place in Colorado? Let us know in the comment section below.