Among the most popular TV shows at the moment is undoubtedly Game of Thrones.” The action-drama series’ seventh season concluded earlier this month. It turns out that it was the second last season for the show. The eighth season of “Game of Thrones” won’t premiere before 2019. There’s definitely a lot of waiting time left for its fans. The show-creators on the other hand, have bigger problems to handle. HBO Network has sanctioned five prequels to “Game of Thrones.”

These will revolve around the time before and around Robert Baratheon’s rebellion.

The latest report by online publication QZ now claims that the network plans on spending roughly $15 million per episode for its final season. It seems that the network won’t leave anything unturned when it comes to delivering a high-end content-viewing experience for “Game of Thrones.”

Everything regarding the season 8

According to a report published by Variety, the show’s eighth season is going to consist of six episodes. While $15 million is the minimum amount of money that they plan to spend – each episode could cost much more. The cast and crew members of the show have already begun the season’s filming. They currently seem to be in Spain for this purpose. Emilia Clarke (who plays the role of Daenerys Targaryen) posted a picture wherein the list of directors involved in the making of the season are striking a pose.

The top directors of the industry have made a comeback with “Game of Thrones” final season. If the said expense actually turns out to be true, then it would make “Game of Thrones” Season 8 one of the most expensive seasons of all time. There are very few shows that have incurred such an expense. In the past, HBO has spent roughly $25 million on “Westworld,” per episode.

But that hasn’t remained consistent. There are some shows like “The Crown,” that may have come slightly close to where “Game of Thrones” stands. But no show has been able to touch this mark.

New characters in the show

The eighth season is going to be shot across the world. Eight new faces are being hired for it as well. Moreover, there are (confirmed) two waging wars that will be showcased in the upcoming installment.

It would only make sense of HBO to incur enough resources on using the right kind of technology. HBO hasn’t provided any confirmation on this matter as yet. Speculations suggest that the upcoming season might see the death of characters like Daenerys Targaryen and Cersei.