Ashley Judd was among the first women to speak out to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault and/or harassment earlier this month. The scandal saw an increasing number of alleged victims coming forward to share their own experiences of misconduct since the movie mogul was exposed.

The controversy has also stirred up public interest on the issue of sexual abuse in the film industry. Hence, Ashley Judd broke her silence to reveal the horror she experienced at the hands of the producer.

Actress reveals sexual assault experience with Harvey Weinstein

Speaking as part of a "Good Morning America" segment, the actress said she was supposed to meet Harvey Weinstein for a business appointment when the producer made his moves. Upon meeting him in his room, the studio boss allegedly made unwanted advances toward the actress.

“There’s this constant grooming negotiation going on. I thought no meant no,” she explained. “Maybe he heard them as maybes. Maybe he heard them as yeses. Maybe he turned them on. I don’t know.”

She echoed the same sentiments that most victims said in their stories, wherein the producer would set for an appointment in his room and would ask for a massage and turn the official meeting into something sexual.

Ashley Judd added that Harvey Weinstein even asked her to come to his bathroom to watch him take a shower.

Despite the experience, the "Ruby In Paradise" actress encouraged the movie mogul to help himself and seek medical assistance amid all these sexual assault allegations. Ashley Judd is just one of more than 60 alleged victims who have come forward to expose Harvey Weinstein for his behavior toward women.

Celebrities come forward in light of sexual assault scandal

Even her fellow actresses are speaking out to denounce the studio head. Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cara Delevingne, and Lupita Nyong'o have also shared details of their own encounters with Harvey Weinstein in light of the issue.

Most of them vowed to never work with the award-winning producer again after they saw how he used his power to take advantage of women.

Meanwhile, Rose Mcgowan, along with three other women, have come forward to accuse the producer of rape.

The "Planet Terror" actress is also planning to discuss her experience at the Women's Convention on Friday. This will mark her first public statement since she was named as one of the victims amid the ongoing allegations.