Marvel is busy preparing for the debut of “Inhumans.” What is also known is that ABC network plans on bringing “Agents of SHIELD” back on the small screen. The production company confirmed the fifth season this year. The fans, however, weren’t informed of the official launch date for the same. According to a report by Den of Geek, ABC has now confirmed that “Agents of SHIELD” season 5 will launch on December 1, 2017.

What is known about the series up till now?

A report by Entertainment Weekly first suggested that Nick Blood (Lance Hunter) is going to return with this installment.

His character was eliminated in the show’s third season. He was not the only one who left the series back then. Actor Adrienne Palicki also left “Agents of SHIELD.” They were apparently under the impression that a spin-off to the show might take place. But that never happened.

Nonetheless, Hunter is making his much-awaited comeback with the fifth season. It is uncertain whether Bobbi (Palicki’s character) will also be returning. Palicki is busy shooting for Fox’s “Orville” series lately. There are chances that he might not have the dates for this show. A recent report by Deadline claimed that Jeff Ward would also be making a brief appearance. No information about his character has surfaced online as of yet.

What is known for sure is that he will play an important role at paving the way for the future of “Agents of SHIELD.” The actor is primarily known for playing Charles Manson in “Manson’s Lost Girls.”

Natalia Cordova-Buckley to be promoted as the main cast

In the previous seasons of the show, actress Natalia Cordova-Buckley had a rather small role to play.

To recall, the actress played the recurring role of Yo-Yo Rodriguez back in season 3. According to a report by Deadline, she has been promoted to the main cast of the show. Whether her character will have a positive or negative impact on the team, is something that time will tell.

Executive producers of the show, Jed Whedon, and Jeffrey Bell were reported as praising Natalia.

They said that she is natural, and is thus perfect for the role she will play. Natalia’s character is based on a Marvel character named “Yo-Yo.” She was introduced in the comic series back in 2008. Yo-Yo is based in Puerto-Rico, and she has mutant powers. The next season of “Agents of SHIELD” has also been published online. It appears that the show-runners are working towards producing the series in full force.