Marvel's "Agents of SHIELD" season 4 may have ended with the final episode entitled "World's end" but the same cannot be said for Season 5. The recently ended season bids goodbye with some major cliffhangers and Phil Coulson's (Clark Gregg) new space endeavor is worth mentioning. Meanwhile, the upcoming season 5 has been given the green light and getting the attention of the show's avid followers is up to the scribes now. According to Comic Book, fans can expect new adventures from Agents Coulson, Daisy Johnson and the rest of the gang!

Fans want a girlfriend for Chloe Bennett's Daisy

Several writers who are part of season 5's staff shared on social media that they are back to work for the upcoming installment. Craig Titley, a co-executive producer, and one of the series writers posted on Instagram a "returning to duty" photo captioned with "Time to go to work' #season5 #agentsofshield #writersroom."

On the other hand, Drew Zachary and "Suits" former writer Nora Zuckerman also shared on Twitter about their first day of work. However, it seems like SHIELD actress Chloe Bennett wants to give some suggestions to her beloved co-workers. While she opts to have a boyfriend or a cute puppy that stays alive (at least for this season), netizens flooded the comment section with the option of having a "girlfriend."

Well, this is not a bad request knowing she has been broken twice by her previous boyfriends during the past seasons.

Sadly, Grant Ward (Brett Dalton) turned out evil and Lincoln Campbell (Luke Mitchell) sacrificed his life on a mission.

Lincoln to return to 'Agents of SHIELD' season 5?

Moreover, fans are considering the possibilities of Lincoln being alive. It can be recalled that his possible death in space has not really been confirmed. Since the last episode showed Coulson in space, speculations arose that maybe those people who held them captive were the ones who saved Lincoln.

Therefore, this possibility would do it for Bennett's plea to have a stable relationship.

Furthermore, it can be recalled that season 4 ended with AIDA's defeat through Gabriel Luna's Ghost Rider. Unfortunately, Daisy was also framed by an LMD version of her involving the death of General Talbot. One unforgettable moment is Coulson's last scene where he does some sightseeing in space as he heads out for work. The upcoming season is definitely going to be an exciting journey. More updates will be revealed, so stay tuned on Blasting News.