"American Horror Story" producer Ryan Murphy has confirmed that he has edited the opening to this week's episode. Rumors began circulating early this week that the episode would contain a mass shooting which caused many to question whether the massacre in Las Vegas would delay its air date.

Throughout the week, FX declined to comment on the status of the episode, but Murphy finally addressed the questions at the New Yorker Fest this weekend. According to E! News, the producer made the decision to keep the violence off-camera for this episode.

Ryan Murphy reveals why he changed the intro

Murphy admittedly struggled with the decision as he wanted to respect the victims of the Las Vegas tragedy. "Should you air it? Should you not air it?" Murphy asked during an appearance at the New Yorker Fest.

He went on to say that he felt he had the “right to air” the scene, but he also believes in “victims’ rights” and feels that it’s “probably not the week to have something explosive or incendiary in the culture.”

“Someone who was affected might watch that,” Ryan said. “It could trigger something or make them feel upset. Ryan feels like the decision to edit the scene out was the "right move."

Las Vegas shooting leaves 58 dead

According to CNN, 58 people died and almost 500 people were injured on Sunday when Stephen Paddock opened fire on the Route 91 country music festival.

It is said to be the most deadly shooting in the United States' history.

The FBI and Las Vegas police have yet to determine what the 64-year-old shooter's motive was, which has prevented them from labeling the act terrorism. "We have to establish what his motivation was first," Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said during a press conference.

Paddock was staying at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on the 32nd floor and fired countless rounds of ammo out windows he reportedly smashed with a hammer. He had been in his suite at the resort since September 28, and officials were told that nothing seemed off to employees who had been in and out of the room.

The gunman had multiple rifles and scopes in the room, with a total of 23 weapons found.

On top of that, several pounds of an explosive material called ammonium nitrate were found in his car after the shooting.

CNN reports that Paddock was still alive when a security guard first arrived outside of his room, though they had to wait for SWAT teams to arrive due to his firing. When they made it into the room, he was found dead. It is assumed he shot himself, as police do not believe he had a partner for this act of terror.

"American Horror Story" airs on the FX Network on Tuesday nights at 10 PM ET.