Although this was the premiere of the seventh season of "Once Upon a TIME" it really did feel like a pilot episode. We were introduced to a bunch of new characters, new storylines, and most importantly, a brand new curse. There are similarities, and new pinpoints in this reboot in comparison to the old "Once Upon a Time," and we will go through each and every one of them.

How is Henry Mills' new life?

During this summer the fans had to deal with a lot of speculation, theories, and curiosity about what would happen in the upcoming season. Firstly, it seems like the show left Storybrooke in the past, and Hyperion Heights is the new up and coming neighborhood, our attention should be focusing on.

It is only the first episode, and we are left with a bunch of questions already. We still do not know how Henry (who is played by the handsome actor Andrew J. West) lost all of his past memories of his true love (who happens to be Cinderella) and had them replaced by an awful story of his family being destroyed in a fire. Instead of making him forget everything about his past, the writers decided to make him believe he has a tragic backstory (ouch!). Although we are a bit glad that the writers are not just following in the footsteps of Emma Swan in the first season, we hope that his story turns out to be not any less interesting.

What happened to Captain Hook?

Secondly, instead of Killian Jones aka Captain Hook, we will be dealing with officer Rogers.

A fair officer who follows the law obediently, and just so happened to be paired with none other than Rumplestiltskin. At the end of the episode, he came across the "Once Upon a Time" book and was left staring in awe when he saw the photo of his true love, Emma Swan. We are waiting for her appearance in the second episode of the season.

Furthermore, we were introduced to Alice. She was a bit different from what we would expect, and so far she warned Henry about not interfering in others' stories.

Lastly, we were introduced to the villain of this season, Lady Tremaine, and her alter ego Victoria Belfrey, who is the head of the empire trying to buy out Hyperion Heights.

Although we already knew about Regina's alter ego, Roni, we were introduced to her for the first time. She was the first one to stand up to this woman, and hopefully, the rest will follow. So far, what we know about this curse is that it may have something to do with Henry Mills deciding to meddle in Cinderella's story, due to him being smitten by her. Either way, the characters have a long journey ahead of them.