In the nearing return of “Supernatural” Season 13, Jared Padalecki revealed that he and Jensen Ackles actually hated the idea of adding angels to the television show. Although a decade has passed, the 35-year-old star, who plays the role of Sam Winchester, admitted that they didn’t think it was needed.

The angels were first introduced in the fantasy horror series’ second season episode 13, “Houses of the Holy.” In the fourth chapter, Misha Collins’ character as Castiel was revealed and played a significant role in the program’s narrative.

The angels and other Biblical aspects added in the show

Although they have no hard feelings about Misha Collins’ addition, it seems like Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles have reservations about the angels and other Biblical featured narratives in “Supernatural.”

"[Jensen] and I both were like, 'Whatever your religious beliefs, whatever ours, we're not here to proselytize,” Padalecki told Entertainment Weekly. He also revealed that he and Ackles had a conference call with the television show’s creator Eric Kripke, telling him how they felt about it.

Ackles explained that they didn’t want to be used to preach the writers’ religious views as it was not part of the deal they had signed. He then made it clear that their point was that they trust them and they just wanted to discuss their concerns.

Things were then handled perfectly, and Ackles and Padalecki both appreciated the angels’ addition and part in the show’s mythology

The new season’s first episode synopsis

“Supernatural” Season 13 is said to be starting exactly where the previous season left off. The television show’s season 12 finale left fans on the edge of their seats with a lot of hanging questions.

The new installment’s first episode, which will air on October 12, will be titled “Lost and Found.” It was directed by Phil Sgriccia and written by Andrew Dabb. The premiere episode’s official storyline obtained by Showbiz Junkies revealed that the Winchester brothers’ different kind of adventure is about to continue.

Sam and Dean already encountered a lot of supernatural events in their lives.

In fact, they already faced different kinds of threats like monsters, demons, and even gods. The two are always doing their best to save people by hunting things and keeping the world safe from these supernatural creatures that want to destroy humankind.

To recall, in the previous season, Sam and Dean were reunited with their long-dead mother and collaborated with the British arm of the Men of Letters. But things turned sour when Lucifer returned and is now expecting a child. The Winchester brothers will then find themselves facing a being with the most unimaginable power that has the ability to either save or destroy the world.