Abby Lee Miller has started her 366-day sentence at FCI Victorville in Victorville, California since July 12 and it looks like things are not easier for her. The 50-year-old star openly says that she is afraid of how her life is going to be inside the prison and its effects on her when she finally gets freed.

In a tell-all interview, the former “Dance Moms” host revealed that she is “petrified” of the things that might possibly happen to her. On the other hand, an ex-Inmate, who still has a connection inside the prison, exposed that the famous choreographer is being emotional while serving her sentence.

Her new life inside the penitentiary

“Abby Lee has been a mess,” a former inmate named Holli Coulman exclusively told In Touch. The former “Dance Moms” host has been very quiet inside the prison but seen crying at times.

“She’s having a very hard time adjusting,” the source said. Just like the other inmates, Miller is also cleaning the bathrooms. The jail’s staffs, on the other hand, are less welcoming while her fellow prisoners “think she’s rude, loud, and obnoxious.” In fact, they want to bring her down to their level. A lot of them are also against her as they see her attitude in the dance reality television series.

The prison guards also have the same sentiments about her. They, too, are not fond of “white-collar crimes,” and celebrities themselves.

With that, Coulman advised the dance choreographer to keep her profile low or things will be harder for her while serving her sentence.

Her worries and fears

Meanwhile, in a special Lifetime episode, “Dance Moms: Abby Tells all Exclusive,” Abby Lee Miller talked about her fears before she started serving her 366-day sentence.

The reality star is evidently afraid of her serving time and if she will be able to survive living inside the prison. Miller is hoping that her stay won’t be as bad as she imagines life in penitentiary just like what she sees on television. “If it's that bad, I probably won't survive,” she said.

As she met a federal prison consultant, she poured out all the questions she has in mind like the attacks, rapes, and molestations happening inside the jail.

She, too, worries what is going to happen to her Abby Lee Dance Company without her. Although it will be handled by her former student Gianna Martello, she is still afraid of its future without her control.

"Will I come out and have nothing?” she wondered. She is also afraid that she will come out of the prison to start again without anything and for her; it is far scarier than being in prison.