"Days of our Lives" spoilers reveal that Sami Brady will soon be behind bars. Sami has only just returned to Salem, but she's already stirring up trouble for the local police department. It looks like Sami will commit a crime and that Hope will be forced to throw her behind bars for her infraction, the whole situation will lead to a personal conflict for Hope and Rafe and drama will no doubt ensue.

What's Sami up to now?

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" spoilers, Sami Brady will be on a mission to find out if her son, Will Horton, is still alive.

As many "DOOL" viewers know, Sami recently returned to Salem after Ben Weston, the man who killed Will, showed up in town to drop a huge bombshell. Ben claimed in front of everyone that Will was still alive, and ruined Sonny and Paul's wedding day. However, is Ben telling the truth? Sami wants to find out before leaving Salem yet again.

Hope and Rafe will disagree over Sami's arrest

Sami's mission to get answers about her son's death and possible whereabouts will lead her to commit some sort of crime. "Days Of Our Lives" spoilers have not confirmed what crime Sami will be committing, but it will be bad enough for her to get arrested and spend some time behind bars. It looks like Hope will be the one who makes the arrest, or at the very least orders Sami to be taken into custody, and that will cause problems with Hope's fiance, Rafe.

As "DOOL" fans know, Hope and Rafe have already been clashing when it comes to their professional relationship. Ever since Hope got the promotion to be police commissioner over Rafe, things have been awkward and rocky between the couple. Now, Sami will be driving an even bigger wedge between them.

Sami better get used to those bars

As "Days of our Lives" fans will remember, Sami and Rafe were once married, and they have continued to have a strong bond and friendship following their divorce. Sami has already shared emotional moments with Rafe since returning to Salem, and when Rafe sticks up for Sami after her arrest, it could lead Hope to believe Rafe still has feelings for his ex-wife.

However, it will seemingly all die down and Sami will be released from jail soon after. Of course, Sami will stop at nothing to find out the truth about what really happened to Will, and "DOOL" spoilers suggest that she will find herself behind bars a couple more times before leaving Salem again.

It seems that Sami Brady will be stirring up quite a bit of trouble during her brief stay in Salem, and fans can watch it all go down by watching "Days of our Lives" on weekday afternoons on NBC.