Jodie Sweetin is making bank portraying Stephanie Tanner on the "Full House" sequel series, "Fuller House." The Netflix revival is one of the most popular shows on the streaming site, and fans are loving every single episode of the series, which is currently in its third season on the streaming site. Now, Sweetin's pay documents have been leaked online, and it looks like she's making a ton of money off of her latest acting gig.

Jodi Sweetin is making bank

According to The Blast, Jodie Sweetin is reportedly making about $590 an hour for filming "Fuller House," for a total of about $26,000 a week.

In addition, her contract reveals that if the Netflix series continues to do well with fans, that she could get a raise which would land her about $30,000 a week by Season 6 of the show. Sweetin's TV payday along with all of her other projects and sources of income are landing the actress about $700,000 a month in income, and now her ex-husband wants a piece of the pie.

Sweetin's ex wants more money from her

Jodie Sweetin's ex-husband, Morty Coyle, has been after the "Fuller House" actress to pay him more child support in the ongoing custody fight over their daughter, Beatrix, 7. Currently, Jodie pays Morty about $1,864 per month, but after seeing how much dough his ex-wife is pulling in, he wants more!

Coyle claims that Sweetin's career has been on a major upward swing over the past few years. After landing "Fuller House" and a reality show, "Hollywood Darlings" in addition to multiple commercials, some in Japan, and speaking engagements that land her $20,000 a piece, Morty says believes he is entitled to more of his ex's money.

The pair is set to return to court this week

The report reveals that Jodie Sweetin claimed to only be making $20,000 at the time of the child support hearing, but now that she is allegedly making nearly $700,000 a month, Morty Coyle wants the support amount to be re-evaluated and readjusted so that Jodie will be paying him an increased amount of child support each month.

Morty reportedly only makes about $2,500 a month as a DJ and claims that his daughter is starting to notice the difference in her parents' incomes. The "Fuller House" fan favorite and her ex-husband are set to battle it out over child support, custody, and other issues this week in court.

'Fuller House' is a hit with fans

Meanwhile, "Fuller House" Season 3 recently began streaming on Netflix, and fans have been loving every episode. The season has been cut in half, so the remainder of the episodes are due to begin streaming at a later date, and viewers are eagerly awaiting the return of the series.