Dance Mom's Abby Lee Miller is rumored not to be adjusting well to life in prison. The star is reportedly earning 12 cents an hour to clean toilets in the clink, a job that most prisoners report to for their first few weeks in prison. The reality TV star will graduate with another job in about a month, and a recently released inmate is fairly convinced that Abby Lee Miller will be serving time in the kitchen and make food for the other inmates. Although it's not a glamorous job, Abby was advised that kitchen duty was one of the best jobs to have in prison.

Screaming matches with inmates?

According to Celebrity Insider, Abby Lee Miller has already gotten involved in a screaming match with another inmate, which occurred over the weekend at the FCI Victorville facility. Although there has been no clarification on what exactly it is the pair fought about, it is rumored that the woman shouted after Abby, "She ain’t s**t!"

Abby Lee Miller was advised to stick around other inmates who were starstruck by her reality television show, as they would be the most likely to protect her in an event. However, it seems Abby hasn't been making friends with anyone, as it is reported that she has mostly been keeping to herself.

Rough first days

It has also been rumored that Abby Lee Miller's first few days in prison were pretty rough.

The star allegedly arrived in tears after she entered the facility. Several inmates were already angry at her as when a high profile person enters the prison, all phone calls and the Internet is cut off, which they resented her for.

Abby Lee Miller has previously stated that one thing she has been most frightened of when it comes to prison is the other inmates in the facility.

The star has also confided in interviewers that she is scared of bodily harm or perhaps even being raped by another inmate.

The reality TV star has also evidently been complaining that the corrections officers are not nice to her and have been picking on her for her status. She alleges that they shine lights in her eyes while she is trying to sleep and wake her up at odd hours.

Though the outspoken reality star is apparently not keeping her mouth shut in prison, she is evidently sticking mostly to herself. It is reported by other inmates that Abby mostly sits on her bunk and cries about her situation while alternately reading romance novels she's checked out from the library to pass the time.