Earlier this month, dance instructor and "Dance Moms" star, Abby Lee Miller, checked into the Victorville Federal Correctional Institution located in California after pleading guilty last June and she left us her thoughts about it all.

A Lifetime special was aired about Abby Lee Miller’s fears from her dance studio’s future to her lifestyle changes in jail. It turns out; the choreographer is terrified with prison. During her emotional interview, she spoke about the possibilities of losing her dance company when she leaves prison.

Currently, the Abby Lee Dance Company is led by her 28-year-old former student, Gianna Martello.

Martello has been Miller’s student since she was four and as she grew up to become better, despite the bold attitude of her dance coach, it seemed like the dancer was fond of Abby Lee Miller.

Martello is quite different compared to Miller though, and with her even temperament, the dancer decided to avoid the TV drama. Thus leaving the hosting gig to Cheryl Burke. "Dance Moms" cast are thrilled about this change, and we could expect a different nature of the show compared to the aura of its previous episodes.

Miller talks about her relationship with Maddie Ziegler

The choreographer also talked about her relationship with Maddie Ziegler who started her fame with Dance Moms. The young dancer went out from the show and later on became a success of her own by appearing in Sia’s music videos and multiple endorsements.

“I did not make her, her mom and dad made her.” the former “Dance Moms” choreographer said. Though she, later on, spoke that she was disappointed as Ziegler seems not to be she raised, she tried to end it positively by saying, “I hope that she does not forget the good times.” In the end, Miller still presumes that she has indeed contributed to the young dancer’s success.

Miller on paying the price for her bad actions

By going in, Abby Lee Miller also had to give up her lifestyle. Showing her fears to the public, she stated that "I was stupid,” she says. “I was in the wrong. What I did was wrong,” referring to her previous actions. She was also candid about her expectations on how the inmates will treat her.

Meanwhile, Miller refused to talk about her thoughts about her inmates, as she was afraid that they might go after her.

Abby Lee Miller has had bankruptcy issues dated back in 2014, and the "Dance Moms" instructor has been struggling since. It was then by May when she was sentenced to serve for a year and one day in federal prison.