luann de lesseps announced on her Twitter account that she had filed for Divorce from Thomas D'Agostino last month. She revealed that she wanted out of her marriage because Thomas wasn't changing his bachelor ways. He was still going out with his ex-girlfriends and Luann would learn about his activities by reading the paper the next day. She didn't appreciate that she had to defend her marriage all the time because her husband wanted to lead a double life with a wife at home but a single persona out around town.

"The Real Housewives of New York" star finalized her divorce this week after her divorce papers were with a judge for a month.

This was a quick divorce, as they agreed on the outcome. It sounds like they agreed to keep what they entered the relationship with, which means Luann won't be paying or receiving spousal support. According to a new report, Luann de Lesseps is now legally divorced, and it sounds like her bank account isn't affected by the split.

Next chapter

After filing for divorce, Luann de Lesseps started focusing on her life as a single woman again. This was her second divorce and she knows that it may take some time before things settle down a bit. But Luann has revealed that she has the support of her children and her family members, which is something she appreciates.

“I thank my family and friends for their support during this time.

I’m ready to move on to my next chapter," Luann de Lesseps has revealed about the divorce, sharing that she's excited about spending more time with her family and friends.

de Lesseps didn't reveal what the next chapter is, but one can imagine that it includes "The Real Housewives of New York" and her music. She's rumored to be doing a record about the split.

Storyline for 'RHONY'

Some people suspected that she was getting divorced because she knew it would be good television and would provide her with a good storyline for the show. One of her friends was caught on camera saying that Luann would much rather get married and then divorced than to call off the wedding because of the cheating rumors.

Calling off the wedding wouldn't be a good storyline, but calling herself the victim after her marriage failed because of his cheating ways could result in a storyline and even a song about the split. Some fans believe she got married to avoid looking silly, as he had already been caught kissing another woman.

What do you think of Luann de Lesseps' divorce being finalized? Are you surprised that the marriage failed within a year?