The fans of "90 Day Fiance" are a bit worried about Darcey Silva and wonder if there is something in her past that she isn't quite ready to share with them. In Touch Weekly shared the details about what they think happened to her and why.

Why are fans worried about her?

Darcey Silva posted a picture on her Instagram page and said, "I'm a fighter." She then captioned the pic, "I'm a fighter! We are all love!" The picture showed three girls hands together that all had on bracelets that said "I'm a fighter." This has a lot of fans speculating that she has been a victim of domestic violence in her past.

One fan spoke to Darcey in the comments on a post and said that the way that Jesse treated her on an episode had her shaking and made her think of something she dealt with in the past. She said she was once in a relationship like that and it ended up becoming very controlling at one point in her life. This fan was concerned for Darcey and doesn't want her to end up in the kind of relationship that she was in once in her life.

The thing is nobody has any proof that if she was in a relationship that was abusive that it was with Jesse. It could have been with someone else in her past. Everyone would like to hear her share her story at some point, but that just doesn't seem to be something she is ready to do just yet.

How are Darcey and Jesse doing now?

The rumors are that Darcey and Jesse Meester are still together. They have been documenting a few of their posts on Instagram, though. They actually hinted they had problems a couple of times, but then they deleted the posts for some reason. One post that she put up said, "So over it!!!!! Now he can f--k all the other b--tches!!

Come on ladies!!! He's a single man and available!!! He's hot!!! He got lots to choose from I'm sure anyway!" Jesse also posted on his Facebook saying that you shouldn't settle for less. The thing is it looks like they are still together, so it is a bit confusing.

Jesse and Darcey were last seen together by fans in New York City.

They were there to celebrate her birthday. It does look like they haven't gotten married yet, but are still dating. The fans are going to have to wait and see an update when the show airs the finale and lets everyone know how they are now.

Do you believe that Darcey Silva is a victim of domestic abuse? Do you think she will eventually speak out? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "90 Day Fiance" on Sunday nights on TLC.