There are new couples on "90 Day Fiance" this season and now a new preview shows that Annie is going to explain to David exactly how much money she wants him to make. In a new preview, she wants to know why he doesn't make that much money and wants to make sure he knows that women like men to have a lot of income.

Annie doesn't hold back

On a preview for this Sunday's episode, Annie is bugging David and wanting to know all about his financial situation. It is very important to her that he can take care of them. She tells him that she doesn't understand why at 48 he doesn't have anything yet.

Annie is only 24 and it seems like she expected an older man to have his finances together, but that just isn't the case.

David has to explain to her that not everyone in the United States has a ton of money. She seems to think that is the case. David tells her that if she is looking for someone with a ton of money then she is looking at the wrong guy. It looks like he might be afraid that this relationship won't work because he doesn't have the kind of money she wants him to have. Once Annie lives in the United States for a bit, she is going to have to see how things are for David and that they aren't going to be living a really lavish lifestyle. She shared that she is from a very poor village, so it does seem like it will be an improvement over the way she used to live.

David explains why he doesn't have a ton of money

David has his reasons for not having a ton of money. It has to do with his first marriage. Several years ago he split up from his wife and in the process, he lost his job, his house and his cars. He explained to hear that losing everything in a divorce is kind of normal and what happens sometimes.

David doesn't seem to see an issue at all with it.

Annie is not happy at all with what his answer is about not having money. She said that this was before and not his life now. Annie goes on to say, "You have to think now. You have to think about future. You don’t have to talk about your past. I don’t want to hear anything." Annie even tells him that he has to take care of her or she won't stick around.

It really does have everyone confused about what Annie is looking for with David and if she is really in love with him or not.

Are you shocked to hear that Annie is being so open with David about how she thinks he should be a millionaire? Do you feel like she is just in it for the money? Sound off in the comments below, and don't miss new episodes of "90 Day Fiance" when it airs on Sunday nights on TLC.