Demi Lovato has been the center of the media’s attention over the past few days. The singer's sexuality has been in question ever since a photograph was released of her holding hands with women. Lovato has tweeted in the past that she does not like using labels and has revealed that her sexuality will be addressed in her upcoming documentary.

The singer was honest about her intentions

According to the Daily Mail, singer Demi Lovato has confirmed that she is open to dating both men and women. This comes only a month after she was spotted at Disneyland, holding hands with another woman.

One fan captured the image and sent it around the internet causing an influx of speculation as to the singer's sexuality.

In a report by MTV, Demi Lovato recently opened up about her intentions for her dating life. The singer revealed that she is currently on several dating apps and wants to settle down with the right person. In response to the speculation, Demi stated that she is open to dating both Women And Men. Lovato confirmed that this is nothing new as she has always felt this way.

Demi Lovato is known for keeping her sexuality away from the media and fans were shocked that she came forward so openly. The singer claimed that she wants to be as open as possible with her fans, thus explaining her decision.

Lovato has revealed that her sexuality will be touched on in her new documentary titled "Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated."

She has written a song about lesbianism

According to the Daily Mail, Demi Lovato had written a song about lesbianism back in 2015. The song was titled "Cool For The Summer." Demi released a series of cryptic tweets when the song first came out and hinted that she wrote it about a lesbian experience.

However, the singer has never officially confirmed this, but it has become a strong theory among her fans.

In a report by MTV, when appearing on the "Alan Carr" show, Demi was asked about the song and what her thoughts about it were. The singer was vague in her explanation of the meaning of "Cool For The Summer" and stated that she was not going to confirm that the song was about lesbianism.

However, this did not rule out the fact that it very well could be.

Lovato has revealed that she is going on a journey to free herself of all of her demons. Fans are wondering if this means that the singer will finally address all of these questions on her upcoming YouTube documentary. She stated that things are going to change once the documentary comes out but that she will deal with that when it happens.

Lovato has confirmed that her documentary will be released in October 2017. Fans are eagerly awaiting the answers to their questions and hope that they will finally be answered.