Fans and viewers of "Teen Mom 2" have expressed concern over the behavior of Jenelle Evans' husband, David Eason. The father-of-three was seen pulling Jenelle's son, Kaiser, by the arm rather violently in order to get him to try and do something different than play with the camera while he and Jenelle were trying to take photos for their "save the date" announcement. Fans also expressed concern as Kaiser yelled, "Feed me!" to his parents, who were wrapped up in their photoshoot.

Barbara is scared for Jenelle and her grandchildren

Jenelle Evans has never been great at choosing men, and Barbara is concerned that David is the worst of a bad bunch.

Fans expressed that they were worried David was abusing Jenelle, as well as the children in the house, during the most recent episode of "Teen Mom 2."

During the episode, Jenelle called a photographer and her producer to film as the pair shot their "save the date" to send to their guests. However, Jenelle told both the producer and photographer that she couldn't film because David was screaming at her and putting her down. The next day, when the producer inquired if that was the case, David said that nothing had happened, put on his sunglasses and began to yell at the producer. This triggered, for many fans, fear that he might also be abusing Jenelle.

Barbara spoke to "Radar Online" about what will happen once the pair gets married.

"She’s going to be choked to where she won’t be able to breathe. He'll have so much control; more so than he does now," Barbara said.

Are the kids in danger?

According to several fans of "Teen Mom 2," many viewers called Child Protective Services (CPS) over Jenelle and her now-husband, after the scene in which the pair cursed at Kaiser and manhandled him.

Jace, Jenelle's eldest son from a previous relationship, has expressed to Barbara on several occasions that he is afraid of David. Jenelle has confronted her son on this, though she has always managed to talk him out of saying that he doesn't like her husband.

Barbara has asked Jenelle to go to therapy with Jace, but according to Barbara, she always brings along David and Jace feels as though he cannot properly express himself.

Nathan Griffith, Kaiser's father, has also stated that his three-year-old son is scared of David and does not want to be around him. Maryssa, David's son is being cared for exclusively by David, she has not expressed anything of the sort to the adults in her life.