Chelsea DeBoer has been open about her son Watson Cole, as she announced her pregnancy and even the birth of Watson on social media. Chelsea wanted to include her fans in her celebration, as she and husband Cole Deboer welcomed a son back in January. While DeBoer had no obligation to share anything on social media with her fans, Chelsea felt that she needed to share this happy news with her fans. But "Teen Mom 2" viewers can be harsh, as people will attack these reality stars because of their age.

According to a new tweet, Chelsea DeBoer is now revealing that viewers are very harsh when it comes to how she's choosing to parent her son.

Perhaps they are judging based on "Teen Mom 2" footage or maybe they are judging based on her social media activity. However, DeBoer is now revealing that fans have plenty of opinions about how she's raising Watson.

Mom-shaming to the extreme

On social media, Chelsea DeBoer revealed that people were judging her for carrying Watson around. Apparently, she feels she's being mom-shared because she's choosing to hold her baby too much. Of course, it is great for a baby to get plenty of skin-to-skin and this helps if she's carrying him around in a baby carrier. However, she also points out that people slam her if she puts him down, as they don't feel she's giving him enough attention.

Even though Chelsea feels she's doing everything possible to be a good mother, she also points out that she's frustrated with people's misinformed comments.

As it turns out, she's not the only "Teen Mom 2" star, who is dealing with this kind of feedback.

MTV stars are attacked for the same thing

Kailyn Lowry recently gave birth to her third son, Lux Russell, and she's been slammed for similar behavior. As it turns out, people had told her that her son would be spoiled if she kept carrying him around.

She didn't seem to care, as she just wanted to carry him around while he is an infant.

When Chelsea realized that Lowry had been tweeting about the same thing just a few days prior, she could only laugh about it.

While DeBoer may have taken it personally at first, she may just laugh at it now as she can see that her "Teen Mom 2" co-stars are dealing with the same criticism. Chelsea and Kailyn can discuss their frustrations in private over their followers.

What do you think of Chelsea DeBoer's tweet about Watson? Are you surprised that she's dealing this kind of criticism, especially since people don't know what happens every minute of every day?