Zendaya is a huge role model for the youth of today, and the actor has come out with another mature decision regarding her lifestyle. Zendaya revealed that she recently celebrated her 21st birthday and fans are wondering if they will still be able to relate to their older role model now that she can drink.

The actor explained her decision to her fans

According to the New York Daily News, Zendaya explained that she will not be drinking anytime soon. The actor recently turned twenty-one, which is the legal drinking age in America, however, the model has stated that she does not want to introduce alcohol into her life.

Zendaya has revealed that the industries in which she works are highly stressful and she does not want to end up turning to alcohol to relax. The star is very aware that a dependency on substances can emerge from this kind of behavior and does not want to take any risks.

In a report by In Style, the star also revealed that she wants to have a clear mind when she is making important decisions in her life. The actor stated that when it comes to her profession she wants to be able to think rationally about decisions and not make any because she is under the influence of alcohol.

The star takes her responsibilities very seriously

According to In Style, Zendaya takes her responsibilities as a role model very seriously and has reached out to her fans about her decision involving alcohol.

In explaining her decision, Zendaya hopes that young people will not feel so pressured to drink and wants to be a sober role model for her young fans.

The star has also shared advice about addiction and claimed that she does not want to introduce drinking, as it is a vice. She explained that if she has been doing fine without alcohol then she has no real need to introduce it.

It is clear that the model thinks that alcohol will be doing more harm than good, however, this is a personal decision that the actor has made.

In a report by the New York Daily News, it has been confirmed that Zendaya wants to be the best role model she can for her young fans. The model has always been outspoken regarding her beliefs.

Zendaya has also stated that along with educating her young fans, she wants to follow her own advice to ensure she is not contradicting her own words.

Zendaya has waiting to celebrate her twenty-first birthday so that she can be with all her family and friends but it appears that the model and actor will be enjoying the evening with style rather than introducing alcohol into the mix.