Tom Holland and Zendaya were co-stars in the recently released film "Spider-Men: Homecoming." It came out a few days ago, and fans had been shipping them ever since. Tom and Zendaya played romantic interests onscreen, and rumors had surfaced that this romance extended into real life. There have been no comments from Tom Holland, but Zendaya has come in front to respond dating rumors.

Zendaya responds to Tom Holland dating rumors

The “Spider-Men: Homecoming” actress took to her Twitter last night to respond to claims that she had been dating Tom Holland.

According to her, she is not dating Holland -- they are just good friends. In response to a post published in People that alleged that Zendaya was dating Tom Holland, the actress posted several tweets laughing at the claims that they went on vacations a few months ago.

“Please hold on. We are not dating each other. In fact, I have not been on vacations for years,” Zendaya claims. She also says that media persons count their promotional tours, which is not a good thing since it’s a part of their job.

The set of a superhero film can be a breeding ground for love and affair, as exemplified by the recent rumors about the “Spider-Man: Homecoming” actor and actress. According to an insider, Zendaya is trying to hide the truth from the world.

She is dating Tom Holland, and they may tie the knot by the end of this year.

Fans are desperate for the rumors to be true

A lot of fans have taken to Twitter to celebrate the rumors that Zendaya is dating Tom Holland. They captured screen shots from press conferences and interviews and titled them with an explanation as to why they are sitting close to each other.

A separate report by CNN reveals that the two celebrities started seeing each other during filming, but they managed to lay low. It means Tom and Zandaya have been careful to keep it private. Have they gone on vacations with each other? To this, People claims that they went on vacations a few weeks ago but managed to keep it out of the public eye.

Tom Holland has not directly denied the rumors, but Zendaya claims that she is not dating her “Spider-Men: Homecoming” co-star. They bantered back and forth talking about the proof their fans had that they are an item. That only served to fuel the rumors more.

Another report by The Hollywood Reporter explains that the two celebrities have a lot of characteristics in common, allowing them to develop a healthy relationship – which is evident to anyone who has seen them vibe off each other on Twitter while promoting “Spider: Men: Homecoming.”