Camila Mendes has been raising attention about the inequality when it comes to casting actors for projects. The star revealed that she had experienced casting calls where she was the victim of discriminatory comments. Mendes is representing a Latina teenager on the TV series "Riverdale" and is extremely proud of the role and the representation that it gives to her culture.

"Riverdale" is a show, which is full of representation as it includes several black characters as well as individuals with different sexual orientations. Mendes has explained that "Riverdale" is a very progressive series and hopes that fans will learn from watching the show.

The star reveals that she is told she is not Latina enough for roles

According to People Magazine, Camila Mendes has opened up about the experience of not being considered Latina enough for certain roles. The actor has scored her first role on the hit TV series "Riverdale" but has claimed that she is beginning the see the increasing discrimination against the Latino community as she becomes more experienced as an actor.

Mendes is very proud of her culture and has expressed her disbelief that people are actively telling other that they do not look Latina enough. She stated that she is Latina and that someone should not be allowed to tell her that she does not look like a Latino. The star stated that there appears to be an unfair stereotype in regards to casting individuals who are Latina in particular projects.

Mendes appreciates the representation of the Lodge family

According to Teen Vogue, Camila Mendes has expressed her gratitude that the producers of the show are treating the Latina family in “Riverdale” respectfully. Mendes explained that often times Latina families on TV would be poor and underprivileged. She explained that they would not be intelligent and would often be involved with crime and drugs.

The actor has stated that is it extremely rare to see a Latina family portrayed as strong and powerful and is very thankful for her role as Veronica Lodge in "Riverdale." She has expressed her hope that shows like "Riverdale" will begin to change the public’s view on Latinas as the character Archie is played by an actor from New Zealand who is also half-Samoan.

In a report by People Magazine, Camila Mendes has emphasized the importance of giving characters from different origins the same opportunities as other American actors. The issue of racism and discrimination is one, which is constantly discussed among members of the industry, and Camila stated that it is important to draw attention to these kind negative representations of communities.

Fans were shocked to hear that the "Riverdale" actor has been turned away from roles because she does not look Latina enough.