“Arrow” Season 6 will be returning in October, and Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) is certainly to have a lot on his plate. First, it can be recalled that the Green Arrow (Amell) promised Deathstroke, a.k.a. Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett) to help him find his son Joe.

According to Screen Rant, Oliver Queen’s activities will be under FBI investigation. A familiar vigilante is set to return as well in Season 6. The previous season ended with a rather unexpected finale. Green Arrow tried to defeat the big bad Adrian Chase, a.k.a. the Prometheus in an old fashioned way.

Unfortunately, despite his death, the villain still achieved what he wanted.

Deathstroke’s return

As we have mentioned earlier, Oliver promised Slade to help find his son. In exchange for this deal, the Green Arrow asked his help during the incident in Lian Yu. They failed, and the island exploded, but their deal will, of course, remain as it is.

After Prometheus triggered the explosion, it has been reported that this incident won’t mean the death of every character on the island. However, it would certainly lead to tough consequences. For example, Oliver Queen has no choice but to start doing his paternal responsibilities for his son William Clayton (Jack Moore). William’s mother was on the Lian Yu Island when the explosion happened, and there are low chances for her return.

Meanwhile, two-part episodes will focus on Deathstroke. “One of the stories I am most looking forward to is a two-parter where we will flashback to Slade’s past,” EP Marc Guggenheim said during SDCC 2017 back in July. Co-showrunner Wendy Mericle revealed that there would be an amazing story behind Oliver Queen’s helping hand to find Slade’s son.

It will be connected to Oliver’s present circumstance with William.

According to Comingsoon.net, Liam Hall was cast to play the role of Joe Wilson, Deathstroke’s son. As it turns out, Joe joined Australian military agency ASIS. Sadly, he is currently in a remote Kasnian prison and is fighting for his life.

Oliver Queen vs. FBI

Starling City’s Mayor will be the FBI’s apple of the eye. Agent Samandra Watson (Sydelle Noel) is set to put Oliver on the hot seat as she investigates Oliver’s activities. Screen Rant revealed that she would be close to finding out Queen’s business as Green Arrow. Viewers will find that out when Season 6 returns.

On the other hand, Wendy Mericle unveiled that an anti-Green Arrow vigilante will be unmasked upon his return. Mericle adds that this scenario will reveal a personal connection to a Team Arrow member. Furthermore, “Arrow” Season 6 will air on October 12.