Arrow” season 5 ended with an unexpected cliffhanger that made Season 6 even more exciting to look forward. Surprisingly, the series did not end at National City but on the island of Lian Yu where Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) has been stranded for over five years. As the season came to a close, the cliffhanger left the viewers wondering about so many questions like the characters possibly died in the Island explosion.

Of course, now that the big bad Adrian Chase aka Prometheus of season 5 died, names are also popping up about the season 6’s upcoming villain.

According to Christian Post, potentials on the list are Joseph Wilson, Komodo, Killer Moth and Red Star. When season 5 concluded on May 24, it can be recalled that Oliver Queen had a conversation with Slade Wilson about his son named Joseph "Joe" Wilson.

Is Joe Wilson the villain in ‘Arrow’ season 6?

Queen handed Joe Wilson’s documents over to Slade aka Deathstroke. It is Oliver’s way of giving a chance to the father and son reconciliation. After all, Slade was imprisoned in Lian Yu for years, and this is an opportunity to rebuild his life back, alongside his friendship with Oliver.

However, earlier reports are convinced that viewers will see more of Slade’s son soon. Growing up without a father in his side would ideally result in something bad.

Come to think of it, Prometheus became Oliver’s rival to avenge his father.

On the other hand, Slade Wilson and Oliver Queen have a tough past as well, especially during his Mirakuru days. If fans can remember, Slade also loved a woman who was unfortunately drawn to Oliver. As per the earlier source, the comic described Joe as a metahuman who inherited the power his father has.

Moreover, another potential villain is Konstantin Kovar’s (Dolph Lundgren) son – Red Star. Kovar has recently been appearing in the flashbacks of season 5. Some of Oliver’s terrifying encounter with Kovar was shown including how the Russian man tortured him. While Oliver manages to fight back and kill Kovar, speculations suggest that Red Star might avenge his father’s death.

Olicity love team might happen again

One of our previous updates revealed the possible reconciliation of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak’s relationship. However, she is one of the people left in Lian Yun when the island exploded. Viewers will soon find out if she stays alive in Arrow” season 6. Stay tuned on Blasting News for more updates!