The “It” film is one of the most highly-anticipated movies this September as Pennywise returns to haunt the audience 27 years after its 1990 miniseries. The film circles around a group of young kids who are being terrorized by an evil entity known as Pennywise. This creature takes the form of a clown who uses his appearance to haunt his victims before ultimately killing them. Actor Bill Skarsgard has done an amazing job of taking on his role as the terrifying clown, and there was even one sickening scene in the movie that he personally requested to do.

True evil

According to, the 27-year old actor sat down for a recent interview about his latest role as Pennywise the clown. He claimed that he personally made one decision that made the clown more terrorizing than it already is. There are scenes in the film where Pennywise mocks its child victims before killing them, and Skarsgard revealed that those parts aren’t scripted. He claimed that he wanted to incorporate “real evil” and “monstrosity,” and he believes that mocking a crying child is “one of the most horrific things you can do.”

Pennywise has easily become one of the most frightening horror icons in pop culture for its disturbing appearance. The horror clown has also become a popular horror trope for twisting something innocent into a bloodthirsty killer.

The actor stated that while Pennywise hates children, he personally feels horrible for “traumatizing” the children on set. Despite this, the kids complimented Skarsgard for his amazing take on the character.

Sequel in the works

That aside, the movie is already gearing up for its sequel that will likely release on 2019, as per Collider.

The current movie only explains half of Stephen King’s novel as the second part shows the aftermath of Pennywise’s terror. The clown returns 27 years later to continue his killing spree and get its revenge against the kids. This time, however, they come back to face the demonic creature as adults. Outside of Pennywise, the cast also faces their own struggles in their adult lives.

While the sequel will feature their adult counterparts, it may include flashback scenes to the characters as children. With that being said, it’s likely that the current actors may return for the second film, albeit for selected moments. Production has yet to reveal any new information about casting details for their adult counterparts as of now.