A while back, Taylor Swift was quite silent, and we only heard about her case with a DJ who touched her bare behind during her concert then one day, all her posts were cleared from her social accounts and the world was left confused. Some thought it was her style of coming back. Perhaps they were right, Taylor has been trending for her while now after releasing “Look What You Made Me Do” which people thought it was meant for Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, and her hubby Kanye West, celebs Taylor had disagreed with. Fans waited for the video, and 24 hours after it was released, it had over 43 million views.

But there is something else in Taylor's life that is attracting attention, her Boyfriend.

Taylor and her boyfriend wore hoodies in July to hide themselves

The singer is dating Joe Alwyn, and her new song "Ready For It" seems to be praising him while it ridicules her ex-boyfriends, Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston. According to a source who talked to US Magazine, Taylor’s strategy was to separate her personal life from her work life and put PDA aside. When she was dating Tom, they used to flaunt their romance, but she and her 26-year-old dude lover have concealed their relationship from the media. In June, Alwyn had visited Taylor, and she sent him back to London in her private jet. According to another source, US Magazine learned that in July, the two lovers were staying in Swift’s penthouse in NYC and when they were out they would hide with hoodies.

Taylor knows she must be trending before releasing her album

Taylor is aware of the attention around her, and she will want to maintain it before she releases her album. One way of doing that is showing off her new lover. The actor is supportive of the choices she makes about her career. Taylor is happy with the guy. After all, she has confirmed it in her “Ready For It” song.

In the track, she seems to say her ex-boyfriends tried hard on something, but his current boyfriend doesn’t put any effort in it, yet he is younger than them. She also compares them and says Joe is more manly than them.

Joe is charismatic

Joe Alwyn holds a degree in acting and grew up in London. His first movie role was in 2016 war drama, “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk” According to Seventeen.com, his former classmate said Joe is charismatic.

The actor grew up in a creative family. His friends knew he was dating Taylor Swift for several months before the media discovered it in May this year. Taylor had decided to make the relationship private. Her single, “Look What You Made Me Do’ has trounced “Despacito” from the top position on Billboard Hot 100 chart. Swift is undoubtedly making it, and people can’t wait to see her and Joe in public.