The "Walking Dead" Season 8 countdown has begun. There are less than 45 days until the October 22nd debut on AMC and fans are growing very excited to see just where season eight is going to take our beloved group of survivors. Last Sunday night AMC broadcast a special "Walking Dead" Season 8 preview session of the "Talking Dead" with Scott Gimple, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lennie James on the couch sharing a few juicy details about the upcoming season.

Rick and Maggie lead their groups to war

Here are a few of the details that were revealed. First off, Scott Gimple claims that fans will see a lot more of Carol this season, and she will be back to her old bada*s ways.

This is a plus after season seven's vulnerable, and somewhat whiny Carol. Her strength is going to be much needed during the "All Out War."

Will Morgan die in Season 8?

Jeffery Dean Morgan, aka, Negan had a lot to say about the direction in which his character will be taking this season. He stated he feels that Negan was taken by surprise in the last episodes of season seven, after all, he saw Sasha sacrifice herself, found out Maggie was still alive and faced a Tiger attack.

Most importantly, he is growing very tired of dealing with Rick Grimes and his group continuously making his mission more difficult. That being said we can expect some exciting face off scenes between Negan and Rick right off the get go.

As for Morgan, it was teased somewhat that Morgan could see his demise in season 8. Morgan has been forced to make some changes in his way of life, he killed to protect Carol and is now ready to do whatever it takes to end Negan's reign of terror. If he has to go out this season, he will be missed, but at least we hope he goes out in a blaze of glory.

We also found out that fans will not be seeing the arrival of Baby Rhee this season. However, that does not necessarily mean we won't get a glimpse of Glenn and Maggie. It has been teased that fans have not seen the last of Glenn Rhee despite his brutal death by Lucille last season. As previously reported, Steven Yeun, who played Glenn stated he would be down for returning to the series if it was done right.

Now since Glenn was beaten to death by Negan, it is safe to assume when we see Glenn next it will be via a dream sequence.

Glenn will most likely show up in Maggie's mind when she goes into labor, cheering her on. But, some believe when it comes time for the war to begin, Glenn could appear in Maggie's dreams giving her encouragement and strength to lead her troops into battle. It would also be kind of cool to see Hershel and Beth there for Maggie in some way too, but, there have been no teases about a full on family reunion for Maggie at this point.

There has also been speculation that a few new characters are going to be introduced, one, a man in his 20's. Fans have been wondering if this person could be at a later time a possible love interest for Maggie.

However things go down this season, one thing is hoped, and that is that the promise of a faster paced, more dramatic season will take place. After last season we are not so sure just how many fans could take another slow-mode season so soon.

Are you bummed we will not see the arrival of Maggie and Glenn's baby this season? The Walking Dead Season 8 starts Sunday, October 22nd at 9 p.m. on AMC.