The new "Walking Dead" Season 8 trailer was released on Friday, July 21 revealing a lot of valuable information for the upcoming season -- which officially begins airing on October 22nd. The five-minute trailer contained many sneak peeks, and a few of them may have been missed upon the first viewing. Season 7 left fans seeing Rick and the group beginning to map out their battle plans for the "All Out War" in preparation to fight against Negan and the Saviors. It also appeared that old Rick would be making a big comeback.

Season 8 trailer threw a lot of tidbits at fans

The new "Walking Dead" trailer starts off showing us how Rick has changed his attitude and is now ready to lead his followers into war with the hope of riddinging themselves of Negan. Dwight is seen finding a note with only one word scrawled across it..."Tomorrow." The meaning behind the letter could pertain to a few different things.

Someone on the inside could still be working for Negan

The first thought that comes to mind is it could be from Eugene, letting his former pals know when Negan could be planning his first attack. It could also be that Dwight is planning to betray Rick's trust and is alerting Negan's group. Last season Dwight made it known that he wanted to change sides and help Rick and the group.

Dwight just doesn't sit well with Daryl, and who can blame him after the "Easy Street" torture? Daryl is known to have great gut instincts, let's just hope for Dwight's sake he is wrong this time. You can bet that Daryl will be keeping a close eye on Dwight for sure. Time will tell. At this point, it's hard to trust too many new people.

As for the rest of our "Walking Dead" favorites, we will see Carol back and ready to fight, especially once she learns just how much damage Negan has caused the people she loves and considers her family. The trailer reveals Maggie is taking control and becoming a strong leader herself. After all, she has a lot invested. She is ready to seek some serious revenge on Negan after witnessing him brutally beat to death her friend Abe and her husband Glenn.

The trailer did not reveal whether or not the rumors of Glenn Rhee's return are true, even it is only in a dream sequence when she gives birth to their baby. As previously reported, Steven Yeun revealed he would be willing to come back to "TWD" under the right conditions. It has been speculated that the whole of season 7 was a fever dream/nightmare. This, however, is extremely unlikely.

With everyone dead set on taking Negan out, who will really be the one to accomplish it? If the show stays true to the comics, Negan is going to be around for quite some time. However, when the time comes, who would you like to see kill Negan?

"The Walking Dead" returns for Season 8 on October 22nd, only on AMC.