Dr. Will is "Big Brother" royalty. He is the winner of Season 2 and part of "Chill Town," one of the coolest alliances ever in the game. He returns every year to help the jury members sort out their feelings about who should win. He says he doesn't care who wins, just that the jury members feel a connection of some kind to the winners.

This year there have been comparisons in the type of game Dr. Will played, versus the game of Paul Abrahamian that fans saw this summer. In a recent interview with "Entertainment Weekly," Will Kirby made it clear that he strongly disagrees.

The game he plays is one of intelligence, charisma, and humor.

Not even close

Dr. Will Kirby feels that Paul has made his entire game about having others throw comps, using some of his team as bullies, and encouraging everyone to take the brunt of the blame while he remains clean. While Will does acknowledge that each one that took part in the bullying and intimidation made the choice, it was at Paul's instruction. At anytime Josh, Christmas, and Alex could have said they wouldn't cross that line.

"Big Brother 19" has a very bitter and resentful jury. This year is being compared to Season 4 when the jurors didn't even want to cast a vote they disliked the options so much. It will take special finesse to work the jurors through their issues to make a decision.

Dr. Will feels that some of them may be feeling betrayed by Team Paul. They were evicted after doing what was asked of them and thinking they were a solid member of a strong alliance. Then there are those that are embarrassed by their actions in the "Big Brother 19" house. On national TV they got into the mob mentality with some other cast members and did things they would never have done in their real lives.

Three more jurors before the vote

There will be two more members of jury joining before Dr. Will Kirby makes his visit to the "Big Brother 19" Jury House. Alex will be the next one evicted on a special live Wednesday night show. Thursday, the regularly scheduled live eviction will take place. If Paul's plan goes off without a problem, Josh will be the one leaving the house.

The finale is set for September 20. That is the night "Big Brother 19" fans will see the quest for $500,000 come to an end for one houseguest as the final HOH casts a vote to evict. With only the final two players remaining in the house, it will then be up to the jury to decide which player deserves the top prize.