Spoiler alerts indicated that Victoria Newman was going to have a health crisis in front of Cane Ashby. "The Young and the Restless" fans thought that finally, Vicky was going to have a melt down big enough for someone in genoa city to take notice and get her the help she needs for what she has been dealing with for several months.

No one is paying attention to Victoria

Ever since she fell after her mother's benefit concert, Victoria has been having health issues. Most of the time it's a headache that is accompanied by muffled sounds. On a few occasions, she displayed odd behavior, such as sleeping with Ben Hochman, a virtual stranger on the first date.

Once she fainted in an elevator and was found by Phyllis. Sometimes she is short tempered, and at others, she is extremely hyper. Whenever anyone asks, Victoria down plays her symptoms saying she simply needs to rest, For this reason, no one is paying close attention to Newman.

Victoria has been visiting the doctor who told her it was only stress and to calm down. She has had these headaches in front of a number of Genoa City residents, so clearly, there is something more going on than meets the eye. On Wednesday as she was arguing with Cane, Victoria had one of her headaches and quickly ushered Mr. Ashby out of her home. Spoiler alerts emphasized the event which could indicate that this may be the time Vicky seeks medical help and gets a proper diagnosis.

Spoiler alerts tease this may bring Victoria and Billy closer together

Since she began having these spells, spoiler alerts have teased that this health crisis will cause both her father and ex-husband to be by her side. And it's been suggested that this will be what caused Victoria and Billy to reunite. So far the headaches and muffled voices have continued, but Ms.

Newman only fainted once. Her symptoms have continued but not enough to raise any alarm. Vicky's medical crisis is much like the Cane and Juliet situation, as it continues with no new revelations and not being laid to rest.

Sooner hopefully rather than later, someone in Genoa City will have to see that Vicky is in trouble. It will more than likely happen in the "Brash and Sassy" office and it will be Billy who intervenes.

Phyllis may think her rival is faking in order to gain attention from her former husband. Should there really be something wrong, this will make Ms. Summers. Abbot seems like the jealous girlfriend that she is. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on CBS for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless."