Spoiler alerts indicate that things will get interesting this week on "The Young and the Restless." Wednesday will be a day when some things come to a head. Both Phyllis and Victoria will be dealing with uncomfortable situations that are related to "Brash and Sassy."

Cane will stress Victoria to the point that she has one of her spells in front of him

Cane has been a thorn in Victoria's side ever since she fired him. Now, however, he is turning his anger on her son Reed. Cane received a phone call from Mattie's school on Tuesday indicating she never showed up.

Previews for Wednesday show Cane inside of Vicky's house telling Reed that his daughter is no longer a good girl because of him. Victoria then jumps Mr. Ashby for attacking her son inside her home.

The stress of this situation will take a toll on Victoria, and spoiler alerts say she will have one of her spells in front of Cane. It was not stated if she will have ringing in the ears and hear muffled sounds, or pass out as she did when Phyllis found her in the elevator. It's possible that this may be the Health Crisis that brings attention to others that Ms. Newman is dealing with something serious.

Phyllis suspects Victoria, but Jack blames Billy for the spike in sales

On Tuesday while brainstorming with Lauren, Phyllis noticed a pattern with the surge in sales for "Brash and Sassy" products in Fenmores.

Lauren says she only cares about profits, but her best friend believes something fishy is going on and says she is going to prove it. Phyllis is like a dog with a bone because she is so determined to make Victoria look bad. The most obvious answer to the issue is eluding her until she talks to Jack, who tells her that this is the work of her boyfriend.

Phyllis wanted to prove to Lauren and Jack that Victoria was doing something illegal and causes problems for her company. Now she has opened a can of worms that are going to lead straight to Billy. According to spoilers, on Wednesday Jack will ask Phylis to turn on the charm in order to find out what his brother is planning.

This will place her in a position of choosing whether or not to incriminate the man she loves or to stick by him.

Phyllis could tell Billy what she found out about the inflated sales, and he may admit what he did and swear her to secrecy. If it were Victoria, there would be no doubt what Phyllis would do. Since it is the man she loves Ms. Summers/Abbot may decide to lie to Jack and Lauren to protect him. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" in order to find out how Phyllis handles this sensitive situation.