Lydia Mclaughlin returned to "The Real Housewives of Orange County" this year because she felt she was ready to tackle the world of reality television. Of course, Lydia tried to film the show once before and it didn't go well. She walked off the reunion special and she cried when she heard what the ladies were saying about one another. However, this year Lydia is ready for just about anything. Even though this season of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" is only about halfway, there are already rumors about cheating, Eddie being gay, and Vicki Gunvalson spreading rumors.

According to a new report, Lydia McLaughlin is now revealing that she finds some of the drama tough to watch. On this season of the show, McLaughlin learned that her friend Tamra Judge was hurt by some rumors, as people were saying that Eddie Judge was possibly gay. On Monday's episode of the show, the best man at Tamra's wedding was now saying that he had seen Eddie kiss another man. For McLaughlin, this was tough to watch as she knew they were just trying to hurt her friend.

Hard to watch

"Watching Ricki say those accusations about Eddie is hard to watch. I love Eddie and Tamra and from my experiences with them, they are a solid couple. I don't believe these rumors about Eddie and this is very hurtful.

He is Tamra's husband and an amazing man," Lydia McLaughlin writes in her Bravo blog, revealing that it isn't nice for her to see her friend involved in gossip, especially behind her back.

Of course, McLaughlin wasn't at the party, so she couldn't defend her friend. It is possible she wouldn't have said anything to her face if Vicki had asked Lydia about the rumor if she had been at the party.

Keeping religion out of it

It is no secret that Lydia McLaughlin is very religious. She has often talked about God and how important her Christianity is in her world. Of course, not all people agree that being gay is alright, especially when it comes to religious people. While Lydia did reveal that the drag queen bingo was crossing the line for her at times, she is now revealing that she doesn't want to speak out about the gay rumor.

Rather than saying that it's okay for Eddie to like women and men, she simply comes to her friend's defense, revealing that Eddie loves Tamra and people should leave them alone.

What do you think about Lydia McLaughlin's comments about her friend Tamra's marriage? Do you think it was tough to watch or do you think the conversation was staged?