Victor Newman has never believed Billy Boy Abbott was good enough for Victoria, but there is someone he loathes even more. The oldest Abbott sibling and Victor have been sparing and doing dastardly things to each other for years. The current storyline on "The Young and the Restless" may force the Newman patriarch to choose the lesser of two evils, and help John Abbott's baby boy in order to keep a promise to his daughter. Victor may assist his former son in law so that he may save Brash and Sassy and also get revenge on the man who has long been a thorn in his side.

Victor's revenge on Jack Abbott

Jack Abbott is currently sleeping with Victor's wife Nikki and, of course, the Newman patriarch wants revenge. Last week he walked into Brash and Sassy and overheard a conversation between his daughter and his former son in law that offered promise. Victoria was warning Billy to stop using the Jabot issued computer of Phyllis to spy on Jabot. Her father heard enough to realize they were doing something illegal in order to gain leverage on Jack's company. He offered his help but Billy declined it. Victoria told her dad she would keep his offer in mind. Now, however, Billy Boy Abbott's hard head may cause him to need his sworn enemy's help.

Spoiler alerts indicate that this week Billy will fall into a trap that Jack has set for him.

Victoria's warning to her former spouse will go unheeded, and he will be caught red-handed obtaining secrets from Jabot. There is no doubt that Jack will be out for blood, and corporate espionage is punishable with jail time. Viki will feel bad because her ex-spouse risked it all on behalf of her company. She may then take her father up on his offer to help and Billy will have no choice but to accept.

Perhaps neither Jack nor Victor have the ultimate revenge

Victor may have to help Billy Boy Abbott in order to assist his daughter in a time of need. He may be willing to give his former son in law a one-time pass because Victor knows he broke the law to help Victoria. There may be some secret that the Newman patriarch knows about his sworn enemy Jack that may be useful.

Both Victor and Victoria may talk with Nikki, who is sleeping with Jack Abbott, and have her talk him down for the good of Jabot.

Nikki has told her lover repeatedly that if he does anything to hurt Victoria she will be done with him. Jack may also face resistance from his sisters Traci and Ashley in prosecuting Billy. Because family is involved the Newman/Abbott war never has any true winners. Both Victor and Jack have continued to seek the ultimate revenge on each other for decades, but there will be no winners in this war.