Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" indicate that Victor is out for blood where Jack is concerned. Graham sent him photos that prove Nikki is having an affair with Mr. Abbot yet again. This will anger the Newman patriarch and he will seek a way to put his rival in his place. An opportunity falls into his lap when he stops by Brash and Sassy to see his daughter. He hears just enough of "Villy's" conversation to let him know that Billy has done something illegal in regard to his older sibling. Victor will then offer to help Victoria fight Jack if she asks.

For once it seems Vicky's father and ex-husband are on the same page.

Victor is always in the right place at the right time

Opportunities just seem to open up for Victor Newman, and he always seems to find himself in just the right place at the right time. Spoiler alerts say this week a simple visit to Brash and Sassy may give him the ammunition he needs to punish Jack for dating his wife. Victor will be feeling some kind of way after seeing photos of his beloved Nikki kissing Jack. He realizes that they are both trying to hurt him but will pretend in front of Abby that he does not care.

Victor goes to Brash and Sassy to check up on Victoria. Right now she is the only one who is trying to forgive him for bringing Chloe back to town and ultimately causing Adam's death.

Nikki and Nicholas are doing everything they can to make life difficult for the head of their family, and he appreciates that his daughter has decided to allow him back into her life. Spoilers say Victor will show up just in time to hear part of a conversation between "Villy." He will determine that Billy broke the law on behalf of his daughter and to one-up his older sibling.

Victor will offer his services to Victoria

Billy and Victor do not like each other but a few weeks ago they teamed up to stop Victoria from signing a deal with Ben Hochman. Victor's loathing for Jack far outweighs his dislike for his younger brother. Billy was willing to break the law in order to sabotage his older sibling and also help Brash and Sassy.

This may cause the Newman patriarch to view John Abbot's son in a different light, and he may tolerate him long enough so that they can work together to achieve their common goal.

Jack Abbot has been a thorn in the side of Victor Newman for decades. Now he is sleeping with Victor's wife and also trying to destroy his daughter's company. If Billy is willing to commit corporate espionage to help Victoria, her father may see him as an ally who will help crush the man who is vexing both. Keep looking for spoiler alerts to find out in advance what will happen in the Newman/Abbot feud. Continue watching "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS.