On Wednesday's episode of "The Young and the Restless," Victoria tried to have a serious conversation with her ex-husband regarding his brother and his lover. She told him that both Jack and Phyllis are out to get him, even if for different reasons. Billy is defensive where his lady love is concerned and believes that she and Vicky are simply dealing with romantic rivalry where he is concerned. Even though he is betraying Phyllis by using her computer to steal Jabot secrets, he does not believe she would ever double-cross him. His male ego and his hard head are about to cost him big time.

Jack and Ashley know what their little brother has been up to

Thanks to Ravi's computer genius and their combined cognitive skills, Jack and Ashley have figured out what their little brother has been up to. They determined that Billy cozied up to their mother in order to steal her Jabot password, and he used Phyllis's computer to glean information. Jack decides not to secure their firewall, but to leave everything as is in order to trap their sibling. He wants to allow his brother to continue to be able to gain access to their company files.

If Billy listens to Victoria he would stop while he is ahead and prevent further damage. Unfortunately, the youngest Abbot is stubborn and is not seeing the Forrest for the trees.

He is missing the warning signs that Phyllis has her own agenda and he is about to step right into the trap that his older brother is planning for him.Jack has wanted to crush Billy ever since he first found out that his wife and brother were having an affair. Now he has information implementing his younger sibling in corporate espionage.

Jack's animosity is so strong, he might set his sibling up and have him arrested.

Phyllis is kept in the dark and will be shocked

Jack, Ravi, and Ashley have kept Phyllis in the dark by allowing her to believe there was never a real breach of information. Should the entire truth be revealed she will be shocked to know that Billy betrayed her in order to help Victoria.

Her disappointment will be compounded by the knowledge that the Jabot team did not give her a heads up on the information they found. In the meantime, Billy has dismissed Victoria warnings that Phyllis is working with Jack to destroy her company.

The only way Billy can possibly come out of this situation unscathed is if Ashley can talk her older brother down, or he may have to call on the one man that he never would choose to as for help. If Billy's hard head gets him in too deep, he may have to ask his former father in law to come to his rescue. Victor already promised his daughter that he would help her deal with Jack Abbot and the way things are shaping up Victoria may have to call on her father pretty soon. Stay tuned each weekday afternoon at 12:30 p.m for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless."