Harry Dean Stanton reportedly died on Friday at the age of 91. It was revealed that Stanton died through a natural cause at Cedar-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles City. He was an American veteran actor who starred in several films like "twin peaks" and "Big Love."

The veteran actor was survived by his family and friends who loved him so deeply. His characters will be best remembered for movies like "Paris, Texas," and "Pretty in Pink." Apart from being a good actor, Stanton will be remembered by his family as a good husband and a father. Born in Kentucky in 1926, the American actor also served as a navy during the World War II, People reported.

On stage appearance

Stanton was known being one of the bravest soldiers during the world war. However, when he completed his service, the actor made his first appearance on stage at the University of Kentucky Productions. For five years, Stanton played as a high-profile cult leader Roman Grant on a polygamy drama in HBO.

Just recently, he was also spotted on the screen when he played the role of Carl Rodd, a trailer park guardian, in the "Twin Peaks" revival. Back in 1984, the American actor started his breakout role on screen. He became part of the classic films which won a grand prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

It was the first movie he did on the big screen and the first lead role he portrayed.

As he received awards from the movie, he also credited his recognition to the movie writer, Sam Shepard.

Making names for his career

Since he started his career on TV, Stanton continued to create big names for every role he portrayed.

Apart from his acting career, he was also known being a singer and someone who can play rhythmic guitar and harmonica.

Following his lead roles on movies, Stanton became part of the small characters in shows like "Repo Man" and "Alien." He also voiced a character in an animated film, "Rango," together with Johnny Depp.

In addition to his passion being an actor, Stanton was known for his craft in music.

According to a representative close to Stanton, he was a multitalented musician and his career in music also spanned in decades long. People further added that the famous American actor was also famous with his "Harry Dean Stanton Band."

As his death news broke online, most of his fans were saddened about it. His latest film, "Lucky," is set to be out in theater by September 29. As of this time, his family and friends haven't given the details of his funeral yet.