Reebok has recently collaborated with another top celebrity, and this time their newest endorser is Ariana Grande, Bustle reported. The pop singer has partnered with the renowned fitness label through a deal that includes a year-long contract.

Grande will be working with Reebok's products for the Fall/Winter collection and will extend until 2018. The campaign is set to represent confidence and women's empowerment.

Reebok is an internationally-acclaimed fitness footwear brand that gained popularity in the 1980s. It previously initiated campaigns that advocated women’s rights by using messages of confidence and embracing their physical characteristics.

Many of their products for women are made for workouts and exercises, according to their official website.

The “Side By Side” singer joined other celebrities who have also signed up under various fitness brands, such as Gigi Hadid, Aly Raisman, Teyana Taylor, Rae Scremmerd and Nina Dobrev. The official website now has Ariana Grande’s image featuring Reebok’s Fall/Winter collection and new styles.

For the younger generation

Reebok told Bustle that they chose Ariana Grande because of her influence toward the younger generation. Her confidence on stage during her performances inspire this generation “to take risks and to keep pushing.”

The company added that her image has also inspired the youth to challenge norms, break down existing barriers and to pick themselves up when they encounter certain obstacles.

The message of the newest campaign is to “invite people across the world to embrace their true selves."

Grande also expressed her gratitude for being the new ambassador of the fitness brand. She told Bustle that Reebok’s campaign “is something that she fundamentally lives by.” The international singer added that she is honored to be entrusted with the duty to inspire the younger generation “to become the best version of themselves.”

90s nostalgia

The team-up of Ariana Grande and Reebok will be reflected upon the brand’s products such as crop tops, classic sneakers, low-rise sweatpants and large-sized tees that exude the vibrant era of the 90s.

This decade has ushered the new generation of young people to discover new things. The collection is now presented on the Reebok’s official website.

Meanwhile, the singer’s “Dangerous Woman” tour is almost about to end. Only three shows remain in Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, the official website revealed.