Martin Landau, the famous actor of "Ed Wood," has died at the age of 89 on Saturday. It was believed that the Oscar-winning actor died from health complications. A report from Entertainment Tonight has confirmed that the film and television actor passed away at the UCLA Medical Center around 1:30 in the afternoon.

Days prior to his death, the actor was hospitalized. Everyone from his family was saddened when he suddenly experienced health complications. Fans are saddened by the news that has been confirmed by his family.

Hollywood debut

Landau became known on his craft in acting.

He was a renowned actor who made his debut back in 1959 when he starred in the Korean war film, "Pork Chop Hill." He also had several roles in both TV and film which includes his role in the "North by Northwest," by Alfred Hitchcock classic.

He was also part of the long-time running stint of the original television version of the popular "Mission: Impossible," as Rollin Hand. Landau also became part of the movie "Ed Wood" and it was the movie which made him earned the Best Supporting Actor award from Oscar.

He was also recognized in some other awards like Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guilds Awards and made him gained numbers of trophies. Landau also made his final film in "The Last Poker Game,” which had just debuted on the big screen last year.

The Actors Studio

In line with his passion for his acting craft, the "Ed Wood" actor has also become part of the Actors Studio. It was one of the best acting schools and as part of his dedication, he was able to serve as a co-artist director. Apparently, he has been admired being one of the acting teachers of the school.

He became part in enhancing the acting skills of other personalities like Jack Nicholson.

Meanwhile, in one of his previous statements, Landau has also revealed that being an actor was a dream come true for him. Hence, he felt the lucrative demand to share his skills with other actors whom he felt the need of his expertise.

In the entire run of his career, he did not only worked as an actor, but he also shared his skills being a director, a teacher, and an executive director of Actors Studio West.

He also gained numerous credits as he guided other talents like Huston, Warren Oates, and Harry Dean Stanton.

Amid his death, it is also believed that a documentary about his life is slated to be released and is currently in works. The late actor was survived by his two daughters Susie and Juliet together with their families.