The latest updates and spoilers for "Justice League" will feature two post-credits scenes and two Green Lanterns members appearing in the film.

Post-credits scenes

It seems that Warner Bros. Pictures will add something exciting for comic book fans as "Justice League" is rumored to feature not one, but two post-credits scenes. According to TheWrap reporter Umberto Gonzales, the DC film is scheduled to have two post-credits scenes, but he did not reveal any details of it for the sake of not spoiling the film.

However, Gonzales teased that the scenes will have something to do with the next lineup of DCU movies such as "Aquaman," "Flashpoint," "The Batman," "Suicide Squad 2," "Shazam" and more.

Warner Bros. has steered clear of adding a teaser scene to differentiate the DC Extended Universe from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The "Suicide Squad" is the only DCU to have a mid-credits scene that sets up Batman's search for the potential team members for the League. The bonus scenes from "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" teased that arrival of Steppenwolf and his forces of Earth.

Warner Bros. dropped the idea of putting Darkseid in the film to avoid a comparison on how the "Avengers" movie introduced Thanos in the MCU.

Hal Jordan and John Steward teased?

Gonzales also revealed that two members of the Green Lantern Corps will appear in the "Justice League" and stated that the information came from reading director Joss Whedon's script of the movie.

But, he explained that material could be cut-off before the film hits theaters.

DC fans automatically assumed the two Green Lanterns in the film are Hal Jordan and John Stewart before they star in their self-titled movie. Green Lantern was first teased in the film's official soundtrack, "Unite the Seven" from IMDB and was immediately taken down by Warner Bros.

The Green Lanterns might help the League defeat Steppenwolf and his forces and set the events for their own movie. The "Green Lantern Corps" movie will explore the partnership between Hal and John, and their tandem will be similar to "Lethal Weapon."

Superman will also return to the movie, and he is rumored to wear the black Kryptonian suit before switching back his classic red and blue costume.

Steppenwolf invades Earth to find and acquire the three Mother boxes. Two are found in Atlantis and Themyscira, while the last one was used to revive Victor Stone.

"Justice League" will premiere on Nov. 17.