Tori Roloff is not happy with what people have to say about her on social networks. The "Little People, Big World" star is speaking out against the haters. All that she shared was a picture of her son Jackson in his crib, but it was enough to set her off. The comments on it were going crazy.

What did Tori do to upset everyone?

This picture of Jackson showed her son in a crib with a blanket and there is also some kind of stuffed decoration in the crib with him. The thing is a lot of people see this as a huge safety issue and think that those items should not be in his crib.

This kind of stuff in the crib has to be watched due to possible suffocation. The fans are telling her all about their thoughts on the way the crib was set up.

The baby doesn't have a crib full of toys like you see sometimes and only has the one small blanket. It doesn't matter though. A lot of her followers feel like anything in the crib is too much and they shouldn't be allowing it in there.

Tori threatens to quit posting pics of him

The fans of "Little People, Big World" love getting to see pictures of baby Jackson and as much as possible, but now Tori Roloff is threatening to quit posting them. She doesn't want to deal with mommy haters anytime she shares what she thinks is an adorable picture of her little boy.

A lot of people love Tori Roloff showing off pics of her son and letting everyone know how he is doing now.

Tori spoke out and shared saying that she loves sharing pictures of her boys, but she isn't happy with the followers. She said, "But all these 'perfect' parents ... I know we all have opinions of how we should parent and take care of our kids." She feels like moms should build each other up instead of knocking each other down.

Tori does not like being given such a hard time from other moms.

She said that she will actually end up sharing fewer pictures of Jackson if people don't leave her alone about the way things are going with her son. Tori knows that being on reality television means she will end up dealing with criticism, but she really feels like they took it too far this time around.

Are you shocked to hear Tori Roloff speaking out against people that don't like how she is taking care of her son? Do you feel like Tori is putting her son in danger? Sound off in the comments below, and don't miss new episodes of "Little People, Big World" when it returns to TLC. The show will be coming back with new seasons, but when hasn't been revealed yet.