Matt Roloff of "Little People, Big World" has been living on the Roloff farm since his divorce from Amy. She has been in the big house and Matt has been in another home on the property. Now it looks like he may have moved off the farm, which really shocks the fans. Matt shared a photo of his house to talk about his new roof he was getting and the picture makes it look like he isn't on the farm anymore. Matt even admitted that he was in a new house.

Where is Matt Roloff living?

If you notice, Matt Roloff shared this picture of his house and it has a street in front of it.

It looks like he is living in a cute little neighborhood and not on the farm. He even said that this was his new house. That makes the fans think that Matt has moved off the farm.

On a recent episode of "Little People, Big World," Matt Roloff was in his office and Amy was in her house while they were deciding the best place to put the sand box. He wanted to make it where they could both see it. Hopefully, Matt still has his office on the farm and can enjoy all of the great things they made for the grandchildren out there. Matt also mentioned being excited about his first Father's Day as a grandpa.

What do the fans think about this move?

The fans are going crazy on this post from Matt Roloff wanting to know why he isn't living on the farm anymore and exactly what happened with him.

A post from Lavaldia Chalmers-McGinnis says, "Wait,, what??? Am I missing something...are you no longer on the farm?" Then, the fans go nuts replying and trying to figure out what is going on. It really does appear that Amy Roloff might still be living on the farm and that Matt has moved on. Matt and Amy built this business and farm together.

He even just put a new pirate ship there so the grandkids could enjoy one the same way that their children did growing up.

The main thing is everyone is asking for Matt Roloff to give them answers and he isn't doing that at all. More than likely, these answers won't come until they decide to share what went down on "Little People, Big World." Maybe he has moved in with his girlfriend or something, but Matt is staying quiet.

Fans are going to be stalking his social networks to try and figure out why he got a new house and where it is at or what is going on now.

Are you shocked that it looks like Matt Roloff may have moved off the farm? What do you think is going on? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Little People, Big World" on TLC.