This week on "The Bold and the Beautiful" the details surrounding "Spectra Fashions" new lease on life come to light and Liam's good deeds will not go unpunished. He paid C.J. Garrison the amount of money that Dollar Bill originally agreed to give him for the building his family owns, and then Liam gave Sally the deed to the property free and clear. Spoiler alerts indicate that both Wyatt and Steffy will find out what the new head of "Spencer Publications" has done and each of them will interrogate Sally.

Wyatt and Steffy are in disbelief over current events

Steffy found out almost immediately that Dollar Bill had ordered the Spectra building to be burned down. And she has been at odds with her husband ever since. She acknowledged that what her Father In Law did was wrong, but was more shocked at her husband's attitude. Liam announced that he was going to force his dad to take a leave of absence or else be turned over to the authorities for arson.

Steffy thought this was extreme and tried to talk Liam down, but he stood his ground. Bill walked away and reluctantly left "Spencer Publications" in the hands of his son. Steffy knows her father in law will seek revenge and is very concerned for the future.

She has been trying to mediate between father and son ever since. She also has expressed alarm at this new attitude her husband is displaying.

Wyatt was out of the loop and had no idea what was going on. This is why he is in total disbelief that his father left his brother in charge. He has asked them both for details but neither of them would tell him the truth. Spoiler alerts say this week Liam's sibling and his wife are going to get more disturbing news.

They will find out that Sally owns the Spectra building and property that Bill was trying to purchase.

Sally Spectra is the enemy once again

Steffy had been feeling bad for Sally because she lost both Thomas and Spectra. Spoiler alerts indicate that Liam's wife is going to confront Sally when she finds out she owns the building and land.

This will probably cause the tension between them to mount once again. When Steffy gets the truth from her husband she will most likely ponder Bill saying Liam is developing feelings for Ms.Spectra.

Steffy will possibly rethink her decision to keep quiet about her father in law lying that Caroline was dying. If something develops between Liam and Sally, she will know she is partially responsible because she wanted Thomas stayed in New York with his son and baby mama. The truce between these ladies will be null and void and once again Sally will be the enemy.

Spoilers also say Wyatt is going to ask Sally point blank how she ended up with the Spectra property. This will cause him to dig deeper into what is going on with his father and brother.

Both previously had been evasive, so maybe Wyatt will turn to Steffy for more detailed answers and their feelings may be rekindled. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on CBS for more episodes of "The Bold and the Beautiful."