Spoiler alerts indicate an exciting episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" for Monday September 4th. It seems that Liam and his cousin Caroline are finally going to become fed up with the antics of Dollar Bill Spencer. They are going to expose his schemes, and let everyone know what he has been up to.

Bill thinks he is invincible

Dollar Bill believes he is invincible and that no one can stop him. He has said on many occasions that he always gets what he wants. This time around, his eyes have been on the property where the "Spectra Fashions" building was sitting.

Bill had Justin hire someone to torch the Spectra building, and everything went up in flames. Liam figured it out and told Steffy. He also knows that his father lied to Thomas by telling him Caroline was dying. Liam has been conflicted about what to do ever since. Caroline is also tired of lying and wants to come clean.

Spoiler alerts indicate that on Monday, Liam and his cousin Caroline are going to come clean and this will set a lot of chaos in motion. Arson is a crime so Bill Spencer may be facing jail time. When Brooke finds out, she might not stand by her man and go back to the waiting arms of Ridge Forrester. Most of all, Thomas and Sally are going to be stunned by how far Dollar Bill was willing to go just to gain access to the property underneath the Spectra building.

Clearly, Bill never believed his son and his niece would turn on him.

Liam and Caroline will pay a price for exposing the truth

Bill warned Liam that if he told anyone about the fire and that Caroline is not dying he would disown him. Love for his father and seeing Sally suffer have been tormenting Liam. Bill calls his son the boy scout and knows he always does the right thing, but thought family loyalty would win out.

If Bill is true to his word, Liam will be out of a job, and out of the family with no inheritance.

Caroline risks losing her son Douglas if she admits she is not dying. Thomas may be so enraged that he considers her unfit to raise their child. He could file to obtain sole custody and send his ex back to New York alone. Sally, of course, will be glad to know what really happened and to have Thomas back in her life.

She may even be able to sue Bill Spencer and win enough money to start Spectra all over again. Viewers know that whatever happens, Dollar Bill Spencer will eventually land on is feet. Be sure to watch Monday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" at 1:30 p.m. on CBS.