An old character will be returning in "The Blacklist" Season 5 to bring more fun in the American crime thriller TV series. Did you miss Clark Middleton's Glen Carter aka Jellybean in Season 4? Well, he is back in the upcoming season and you can expect more amusing scenes with him around.

Clark Middleton confirms his return in the new season

Middleton confirmed to Cinemablend that he is returning in “The Blacklist” Season 5 to reprise his role as Glen. He added that he loves the show and he loves working with his co-stars. Middleton also teased that he had the “most fun stuff” in Season 5.

Thus, his scenes are something that viewers should look forward to.

Middleton joined the series in the second season as Glen or more popularly known as Jellybean. Red (James Spader) hired him to track objects and people. He works at the Department of Motor Vehicles but sidelined as Red's tracker.

Whenever Jellybean is on the screen, he brings immediate fun and relief from the action-packed TV series. Glen and Red argue and shout at each other's face but the former always gets away with it because he knows that the latter needs him. Even if they argue their scenes has a comical effect.

For instance, in one scene Red was upset because he had no progress in tracking Zoe D'Antonio. Glen said he couldn't concentrate as his mother was dying of cancer, but Red reminded him that he had already used a similar excuse when he said that his brother-in-law was suffering from Legionnaires' disease.

However, later in that episode, Glen was still able to deliver the information Red needed.

In another scene, Red asked Glen to locate a safe in St. Petersburg as Alan Fitch instructed him before he died. Glen asked to come with him as he has never gone outside the country as all his childhood vacations were within driving range.

Red agreed only to find out later on that Jellybean was raised in London.

In "The Blacklist" Season 3, there was a scene when Red called Glen to investigate about Dembe's (Hisham Tawfiq) disappearance. But he declined to answer the calls as he was busy playing Tetris on his computer. When he accepted the call he made up a story that he was interrogated by the FBI.

But before Red got mad, he admitted that he was just joking. Once again, Glen delivered what Red needed from him.

Middleton’s return in “The Blacklist” Season 5 promises a comic relief for a show that has been action-packed. Fans should look forward to another round of bouts and entertaining scenes between Red and Glen.

Series renewed and returns in fall

Initially, many were wondering if NBC will still renew the series for another season. Thankfully, it did not end with Season 4 even if the series’ biggest secret concerning Liz Keene’s (Megan Boone) biological dad has been answered.

In Season 4, Liz learned that Red is her real father. Their relationship was confirmed by a DNA test that supported Red’s paternity to Liz.

However, there is more in the TV series than the pair’s relationship.

“The Blacklist” Season 5 will return to the small screen this fall. Are you happy that Middleton’s Glen is back? Drop a comment below.