"The Blacklist" Season 4 finale has finally confirmed the long-kept secret of the series. Ever since the series started, most of the viewers have already suspected that Raymond Reddington has a relationship to Liz Keen. All questions have been answered when a DNA result came out to prove that he is her father.

Liz has learned who her father is

To settle the debate once and for all, a blood sample from Red, which was evidence from his mission thirty years ago was used for a DNA testing. The result shows that Reddington was the father of Liz.

For the past seasons, fans had been wondering on how much Red has cared for her daughter.

It all started from becoming an FBI, risking his freedom, watching Liz since she was still a child, and encouraging her throughout the years have boiled down into one single reason. Finally, everything he has done has made sense now.

Further, Jon Bokenkamp, the series executive producer, also revealed that there is still a bigger secret that is yet to be revealed. Apparently, he is referring to Mr. Kaplan's bones that are now en route to Liz.

Most of them presumed that those bones belong to Liz's mother, Katrina. On the other hand, there has been another theory which claims that there is a "real Red" and an imposter "Red" which is entirely a different person. Bokenkamp just teased on what is in store for the upcoming fifth season.

Executive producer talks about bigger secret

Bokenkamp revealed in one of his interviews that keeping a huge secret in the entire run of the series was a little bit confusing. He added that it was difficult to feature a certain storyline without giving away any answers that fans expect. Apparently, aside from the revelation between Red and Liz relationship, another big secret is yet to be announced.

The executive producer is referring to the suitcase and the bones inside it. Tom Keen dug it up and all these bones might have a connection with Liz's mother, or it can be someone else.

Hence, this has been the secret that Red has been desperate of keeping Liz from. This is something that will leave fans in surprise during the entire run of the show.

Further, Bokenkamp also added that the bag of bones is bound to represent a bigger story. The paternal revelation between Red and Liz might be something that fans have expected, however, the suitcase and its content is something that will still reveal a much larger puzzle. Find out more and stay tuned.