joy-anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth have a whirlwind romance. The pair only courted for four months, were engaged for 2 months and eventually got married. In fact, many deemed their union as a shotgun wedding as they exchanged "I dos" on May 20, when their original wedding date was supposed to be in October. However, a source revealed that the Duggar Family is not impressed with Austin.

The Duggars are not happy with Austin Forsyth

An insider told Radar Online that Joy-Anna's husband is "immature, arrogant and lacked experience." In fact, he had broken the Duggar courtship rules a number of times while he was still courting Jim Bob's daughter.

Per the report, Austin touched Joy-Anna's hands when they were strictly forbidden to hold hands while still courting. In addition to this, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's daughter hugged him during his proposal when they are only allowed to do side hugs before marriage. Also, in one “Counting On” episode, she playfully sat on Austin’s lap, which struck the viewers who know the family’s courtship rules. None of her older siblings who are already married did it before.

In the "Counting On" reunion special, Austin made his being human as an excuse in violating the Duggar courtship rules. However, he explained that they tried their best to abide perfectly.

A source revealed that among the family members who have a huge dislike against Austin is Anna Duggar.

Josh Duggar’s wife reportedly can't stand Joy-Anna’s husband, whom she felt is a rebel.

Was Joy-Anna already pregnant on her wedding day?

Last week, Joy-Anna and Austin confirmed that they are pregnant. The couple sent a video to People expressing their joy to the special surprise that comes their way. The newlywed couple is already very excited to start the new stage of their lives together and want to have as many children as the Lord feel fit for them.

Joy-Anna conceived ahead of her older sister Jinger Duggar, who married Jeremy Vuolo in November 2016. Dr. Stuart Fischer, who has not treated the "Counting On" star, thinks that she is already four to five months pregnant.

Following the couple's confirmation that they are already pregnant, many are wondering if Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s daughter was already pregnant during her wedding.

If Dr. Fischer is right that Joy-Anna is already four to five months along, then she was indeed pregnant on her big day.

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