Although I've always been captivated by Country Music, seeing singers' stories brought to life in music videos is a whole different feeling in and of itself. Country music is a genre that I think has always been under appreciated, but I'm adamant that if anyone were to take a look at these Music Videos, he or she wouldn't be able to look away.

'Run Away With You' - Big & Rich

The concept in this music video is just too adorable not to love. I don't want to spoil too much for you, but the gist of it is that a young couple was going to see the band's concert in South Carolina.

The singers had cameramen follow the couple's journey to the show in order to document their love.

'Letter To Me' - Brad Paisley

This song is so relatable to man, and its exact essence is captured incredibly in the music video. We all spend our days wondering what we would change if we could go back in time, and Brad Paisley does just that. He reflects on his high school days and reminisces about what he would say in a letter to his younger self.

'Walk A Little Straighter' - Billy Currington

The message in this song is delivered beautifully in the music video. It tells the story of a grown man who thinks back to this childhood and his alcoholic father - specifically how he wasn't there for many of the boy's greatest accomplishments and instead only served as an embarrassment to the family.

'Hurricane' - Luke Combs

The actors in this music video so perfectly represent what would actually happen in this scenario in real life. A song about the trials and tribulations of love, specifically when someone comes back into your life and then leaves it again as quickly as a hurricane, Luke Combs isn't afraid to hold back the depth of human emotions.

'For Her' - Chris Lane

What's amazing about this music video is it actually contains the true story of someone's life. A man proposes to his girlfriend during the song, and the lyrics of the song are the perfect backdrop to such an amazing moment.

'There's A Girl' - Trent Harmon

This song and music video is for all the women and girls out there, because it is such a deeply moving song about the role that women and girls play in the lives of the men around them.

Even though the song focuses on a romantic relationship, the message can be applied to platonic relationships as well.

'How Not To' - Dan & Shay

This music video encapsulates the damages that can be done as a result of a breakup, but it also showcases that people have as much power to mend others as they do to break them. Together, two people are able to overcome alcoholism and the hurt that they have experienced throughout their lives, and if that isn't a beautiful story, I don't know what is.