Released on none other than Friday, the thirteenth, "Happy Death Day" documents the life of a college sorority girl who is forced to relive her own murder again and again until she figures out who is killing her. The film took the number one spot in the box office in its opening weekend.

The movie's synopsis

Tree Gelbman, played by Jessica Rothe, a selfish party girl, wakes up on her birthday in the dorm room of a fellow student named Carter, played by Israel Broussard, and goes about her day like she would any other. Later that night, however, on her way to a party, a figure in a mask, with her school's mascot on it, appears and begins to toy with her until the person ultimately kills her.

Immediately after her death, Tree wakes up once again in Carter's bed, and as the day progresses, she experiences deja vu because she feels like she has already lived through the events that occur on Monday, the eighteenth. Tree soon discovers that she must keep reliving her birthday until she solves her own murder, along with Carter's help.

The film's lesson

Each day, Tree grows more confident in herself and begins to recognize that the person she has become isn't who she wants to be anymore. She no longer wants to be the girl who has an affair with her professor, engages in random hookups, forgets what happened the night before, or shows up late to class.

As she thinks about the death of her mom, who also happened to share the same birthday as Tree, and realizes how shallow her sorority sisters can be, Tree makes the decision to become a better person, someone she's adamant that her mom would've been proud to call her daughter.

In the midst of all the turmoil, she is still able to confront her killer.

After ruling out several suspects, the masked figure turns out to be her roommate, Lori, played by Ruby Modine, who was jealous of Tree's relationship with their professor. Once she discovers the truth and successfully kills Lori in self-defense, the cycle ends, allowing her to move on with her life.

She redevelops her relationship with her father, which has been strained since her mother's passing, stands up for her sorority sister when she is made fun of for the food on her plate, and gives , someone she hardly knew before the chaos, a chance.

A unique mix of horror, comedy, and romance

Although horror comedies are not a new genre in the least bit, "Happy Death Day" manages to turn a horrific tragedy into a funny and romantic film, and also hold onto the serious tone that enables Tree to flourish as an individual.

Its thrilling elements and its detective-like structure not only make for a great film, but a magnificent story as well.

It tells the age old tale of becoming who you truly are, in the context of a murder, which is not an event that is usually associated with growth or maturity, but it works well in this movie. 'Happy Death Day' has something for everyone this Halloween, and everyone should make a trip to the cinema before the end of this spooky season.