Taylor Swift has made a lot of Music Videos during her career and she doesn’t seem to be stopping with “Look What You Made Me Do.” From “Love Story” to “We Are Never Getting Back Together,” fans get to see a different side to Swift and her various personas. While all are widely accepted, some stand out better from others for their catchy tunes and cinematic prowess. With that being said, here are our top five best Taylor Swift music videos:


One of Taylor Swift’s earliest music videos, “Ours” is one of her most underrated songs. Here, we see an awkward Swift wobbling around in her daily life while singing about love.

It’s really cute seeing how she started out as a simple singer who soon become one of the most well-known artists of this generation.

'You Belong With Me'

Moving on, we have “You Belong With Me” which easily became one of Swift’s most iconic songs during breakout years. Here, she still embraces her cute, geeky side as she plays the girl next door who’s in love with her neighbor. By the end of the video, she pulls off a transformation from nerdy to beautiful and manages to win over her man. You can even say that “You Belong With Me” is a modern “Love Story.”

'Begin Again'

Next up on our list is “Begin Again” where Taylor Swift travels to the beautiful city of Paris. She’s moved on from her geeky girl phase and embraced her feminine side.

This slow song is also a big change from her upbeat country songs and really shows just how Swift is beginning to mature. She also sports some of her most beautiful outfits like the purple dress. It’s a shame that she didn’t wear it in “Look What You Made Me Do.”

'Out Of The Woods'

“Out Of The Woods” came from Taylor’s most recent album and is a bit more dynamic than her other music videos.

Instead of being surrounded by buildings and concrete, Taylor Swift is running through a dense forest, a snowy valley, and a muddy field. Unlike the other videos, “Out Of The Woods” shows a much more mature Swift who’s describing one of her ravaged relationships. With over 121 million views, “Out Of The Woods” is one of her best music videos to date.

'Look What You Made Me Do'

Finishing off our list, we have her latest music video, “Look What You Made Me Do.” What makes this clip so special is the fact that she’s owning up to all of her scandals and using it to her advantage. While people pelted her with snake emojis, she uses this as her new mascot in the music video. Possibly the best thing about it is the ending scene with all of the Swifts arguing with one another.